History of Kamogawa Nouryou Yuka Verandas

One of the famous features of Kyoto is the summertime “Nouryou Yuka” verandas at restaurants and bars along the Kamo River. There is nothing particularly ornate about most of the wooden platforms, and it IS still hot out there despite the breeze, but there is something civilized and genteel, a sense of refinement, about dining

Restaurant Review: Oicho – charcoal grilled yakitori

Oicho is a fun, reasonably-priced  upscale yakitori restaurant where you grill it yourself over a charcoal brazier at your table. The location is good, just west of the Matsubara Bridge over the Kamo River. Going with your friends to a hole-in-the-wall yakitori restaurant with red lanterns and no elbow room and grease coating everything can

Tempura Endo Yasaka

This restaurant, which has become a chain of restaurants stretching to Beverly Hills, is among the most famous Kyoto establishments, and and exquisite experience. Endo’s take on tempura is tied to kaiseki ryōri (traditional multicourse cuisine): the meal moves through a series of carefully considered courses, with a focus on seasonal ingredients. It’s exquisite, expensive and extensive