Frequently asked questions about the V.I.P services

Why we are different?

Peter MacIntosh is a pioneer when it comes to offering geisha services and behind the scene looks into traditional Japanese culture to foreign audiences. He has spent the last quarter century plus not only living in Kyoto and traveling through out Japan, he has also spent his time and money studying the traditional arts and nurturing his relationships with the various artists and artisans involved.

1. Can women attend? Yes, In fact most of our clients who chose this service are couples or families. this service is especially popular with honeymooners.

2. Do the geisha speak English? Not really.  Thank god for that or else I would be out of a job.(ha,ha) They really don’t have enough time to study other languages and their clientele base is 99% Japanese. They do however, speak enough to joke around a little. 

3. What is the point of geisha entertainment? 

Hiring geisha is the same of hiring any other form of entertainment. To have a relaxing good time accompanied by song dance drink and jovial conversation

4. Why is it so expensive?  

Before you assume that geisha entertainment is expensive please consider this:

Anything exclusive is expensive and the women are professional entertainers that spend their days training for the purpose of entertaining clients.

You cannot have the same experience on TV or Youtube. Our services are all in a private settings, members only clubs or top of the line restaurants.  Unlike concerts,  baseball games, and or football matches (American/Aussie or English), remember the geisha are there for you and your party exclusively as a customers and not the 10’s of thousands of other spectators you will be with at the game.. This service could be compared to the experience you would have being in the owners box.  In comparison it isn’t expensive at all.  Ticket prices for concert/or sporting events do not include alcohol or food.

Remember you get what you pay for.

*Entrance into members only venue

*Private entertainment

*Great photo opportunities

*Bi-lingual E<–>J interpretation by geisha culture expert and long time resident Peter MacIntosh or in some cases are fully trained staff, who will be your private cultural liaison during the experience.

5. Can we take pictures?

Yes pictures are fine and the women are very photogenic.  Peter knows and has built a mutual trust with most of the maiko/geiko and they are quite relaxed in his presence therefore they do not mind being photographed. Photos and video are only allowed for personal use. Professional use is prohibited. 

***The geisha are wearing tens of thousands of dollars worth of kimono please be careful with you drinks and please do not ask to touch the kimono fabric without permission.

6. How should I dress? No shorts, tank tops or bare feet.  Remember that you will be entertained by a woman wearing tens of thousands of dollars worth of kimono and you will probably have a picture taken with them. How do you want to be seen in the photo? I leave the choice up to you.

7. How should I behave in front of the geisha?

If you are interested in these services I assume that you are the type of person who I shouldn’t worry about misbehaving.  However, there is one request. Because the women are wearing tens of thousands of dollars worth of kimono please be careful with you drinks and please do not ask to touch the kimono or their beautiful coiffures.  Other than that, just relax and enjoy a and truly unique cultural experience.

8.What will the meal consist of?

Except for special requests, we always use traditional Kyoto kaiseki restaurants which are equipped for geisha entertainment. In the past floor seating was the only option but now the venues have begun to offer a chair and table setting. 

A traditional Kyo-kaiseki course is a multi-coursed dinner using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. 

Some dishes may be unfamiliar to you and your palate but this adds the the experience.  Although we can make special dietary requests to the chef due to allergies and religious reasons, the menus have been designed to represent the restaurant and the season. A lot of time and effort goes into the planning of each set course. Any extreme altering of the menu due to likes and dislikes would insult the chef. We appreciate your understanding.

If you are very particular about your meal. We suggest that you eat beforehand and chose one of our other services with that includes drinks and some finger food with geisha entertainment.