Since 2002

The first Kyoto Geisha Walking Tour/lecture given by a native English speaker

This tour is for:

  • People who want to know more than just the basic facts and get a deeper knowledge about the geisha lifestyle.
  • People with an interest in photography.
This is not what an Experience Kyoto tour group looks like.

This walking lecture is for a mature audience because we’ll be talking about the nightlife and the history of the floating world. Also, we will be walking the whole time, so it might not be for people with mobility issues.

Peter MacIntosh- Photographer and world renowned geisha culture expert will  not only lead you on a 90 mins. fact filled journey through Kyoto’s beautiful and photogenic geisha districts and will also talk about his unique personal experiences as well as share the stories passed on to him by the the senior geiko he has met during his quarter century of living in the floating world. 

Not only will Peter takes you through the beautiful geisha districts but he will share his personal experiences and stories as well as retell stories passed on to him by the the senior geiko he has met during his quarter century of living in the floating world.

Private Walking Lectures- (New Service)

***For small private groups-a trip to Peter’s studio/gallery for a drink can be included. Peter will talk about the use of empty space “Kuukan”, composition in photos as well as Japanese aesthetics and other aspects of Japanese life as a foreigner (approx-45 mins)

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You will learn more in the 90 minutes about geisha culture than even most Japanese people know. 

What you get:– Facts and fun stories from Peter’s research and experiences while living in the flower and willow world (geisha districts) for more than a quarter century- A scenic stroll through 2 of Kyoto’s geisha districts with narrow alleyways and lined with beautiful traditional architecture.- A set of original souvenir postcards- Small personal groups (min. 2- max. 15) 
*I do not carry a flag or use a megaphone.This is a walking lecture that points out many spots to take photographs and the proper etiquette when walking through the geisha districts.You will have 
Time: 4:30- approx. 6:00 pm (Approximately 90 minutes. This may vary slightly on the size of the group)Price: 3,000 yen pp (min. 5 persons)Meet in front of the Minamiza Kabuki Theater