The  walking lecture (approx.1 hour) will brief you on the history and educate you on the etiquette and traditions of geisha culture beforehand to ensure that your time with the entertainer will be spent enjoying her entertainment without bombarding her with questions Peter can and will answer during the walk.

-Traditional kaiseki dinner including drinks with 2 maiko and/or geiko 


All dinner services take place in traditional ryotei (restaurants) which are that are set up to accommodate the needs of geisha entertainment (tatami mats and area for dance)

 Other options for a meal can be arranged beforehand.

Chair seating can also be arranged for those who prefer not sitting on the floor. 

***Please let us know if there are any special dietary needs to to allergies or religious beliefs. However, rearranging menus due to likes and dislikes

Time:7:30-8:30 (walking lecture)

Meeting Place:In front of the Minamiza Kabuki theater 

*Hotel pick up is available for this service.

 (¥4,500 up to 3 pax/ ¥6,5000 for 4~

If the number of clients exceeds 3pax, the price will increase to ¥6,500 because another taxi will be necessary)

*maiko/geiko entertainment from approx:(8:30 -10:00pm)

Price: ¥150,000 for up to 4 people (please add ¥18,000 pp from 5 onwards)