Geisha Experiences

Lunch, drinks, or teahouse entertainment following a walking lecture on the history and traditions of geisha culture to ensure that your experience will be enjoyable and memorable. Peter has over 30 years experience in the Geisha world of Kyoto as a patron and liaison. He arranges unforgettable experiences for visitors to the ancient capital.

Walking tours

Facts and fun stories from Peter’s research and experiences while living in the flower and willow world (geisha districts) for more than a quarter century- A scenic stroll through 2 of Kyoto’s geisha districts with narrow alleyways lined with beautiful traditional architecture. You will learn more in the 90 minutes about geisha culture than even most Japanese people know. A set of original souvenir postcards is included.

Cycling tours

Experience Kyoto Cycling Tours offers an unforgettable exploration of the ancient Japanese capital, Kyoto. Led by Nils, a foreign resident with three decades of experience, delve into history, culture, cuisine, design aesthetics, and even the Kyoto dialect. Capture moments and memories while pedaling through this enchanting city. Turn a corner, Find a moment, Make a Memory.