About The Founder

Peter MacIntosh was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1971. After a short-lived professional soccer career in the now-defunct C.S.L (Canadian Soccer League) with The Nova Scotia Clippers, he decided to leave his hometown of 22 years and make his way to the other side of the world. His mother’s influence (as a folk artist) persuaded him to try his hand at the arts. He arrived in Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital, late in the fall of 1993. He experimented with photography, trying to capture the unique beauty of the 1200 years capital. However, after receiving the proper introductions, he soon found his niche amongst the geisha in the “Flower and Willow World.” This love for culture continued with the study of more of the traditional arts.

Using his unique access to Kyoto’s geisha world thanks to a business that took him under his wing, in 1999 he began working as a fixer/cultural liaison for Television, film, and print media whenever they were in Kyoto and needed access behind the closed doors of the secret world. He has worked with dozens of international projects and being part of the location scouting team for Hollywood’s “Memoirs of a Geisha”. (see resume for more detailed info)

These experiences gave him the confidence to write/produce and direct his first full-length feature documentary, “Real Geisha Real Women” (2009) and the same year, he created and began teaching the course “Geisha-Past Present, Future” for the Japanology section of the International Studies Department at Kansai University(2009-2017). This was the beginning of the “Real Geisha Real Women” project brand, which aims to give an insiders’ perspective into not only Kyoto’s but geisha culture all over Japan.

Linked Facebook and Instagram accounts are also dedicated to sharing and educating people about Japan’s geisha culture.

In 2002, Peter founded his leisure and event company Kyoto Sights & Nights, offering authentic cultural experiences in which he shares his unique perspective on life in Japan’s ancient capital. He is a professional photographer/visual artist, and his works can be seen in private collections around the world and at his Studio-P/Galler Kohfu that he opened in 2016 in the heart of Kyoto.